MAHASA PAKISTAN is an integrated trading and services company, providing a wide range of Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services, Turnkey or portion of a project. The role and achievements of our company in the Trading, Energy & Power Sector of Pakistan's  is widely acclaimed. The company is incorporated in Pakistan.

Divisions :   

The company has the following divisions to carry out day to day operations :

  • Technical Division 

  • Engineering Division

  • Sales & Marketing, Planning and Business Development Division

  • Finance and Accounts Division

  • Project Construction Division

  • Procurement Division

  • Office Management

Each division is headed by a skilled & Professional Manager


Mahasa Pakistan is based in Rawalpindi-Pakistan with overseas and branch offices in other cities of Pakistan. Overseas operations are controlled and supervised directly by the Headquarters Rawalpindi.

Location of the Headquarters:

Flat # 414 Poonchh House Plaza, Adamji Road Rawalpindi

Telephone: 92-51-5511026,5524664, 5520425
Fax: 92-51-5528471

Organizational Data :   

Organization : 

The company maintains an integrated team of experienced administrative, management, engineering, construction and support personnel. Our people are highly motivated. We possess well-developed professional skills and use finely-tuned procedural techniques. Our in house  personal computers networking ensures fast and accurate preparation of our proposals. We store a complete library of standard products, materials and equipment to expedite the preparation of quotations. The company is experienced in all phases: Equipment supply and services including Project Management, Engineering, Survey, Project Design, Installation, Commissioning on turnkey basis.              

The Principal features

Each department, whether technical or support services in nature, is headed by a Manager or Senior Technical Specialist with  broad experience. These individuals ensure that the output by staff members under their responsibility justifies our standards of technical excellence and are efficiently integrated with the efforts of other functions during the execution of projects.
Individual functions have the necessary technical and organizational capability to pursue work assignments of a specialized nature with a highest degree of autonomy. We therefore are able to pursue consultancy and engineering separately from turnkey projects. Experience gained in specialist engineering projects of this nature complements input provided to turnkey projects and in compitence , state-of-the-art designing.
The matrix approach to management ensures that management and technical input from all corporate departments are channelized  into the project through key members.    

Achievements :

As a Representative :

Currently, we are the exclusive representatives in Pakistan for a number of major overseas Principals, Manufacturers and Commercial organizations of world repute and of over 250 manufactures / suppliers of related equipment/materials / services. This enables us to make a significant contribution to the development of Pakistan. Our office communication means are of latest technologies and standards.

We maintain close liaison with major overseas companies operating in Pakistan and with all Government and autonomous bodies in order to serve the best interests of its customers and Principals alike.      

Services Offered :

Mahasa Pakistan  offers a comprehensive range of services from concept development through to plant completion upto production.

We provide an integrated services in power and telecommunication sector as well, commodoties and transfer of technologies.

  • Telecommunications

  • Power Generation 

  • Petrochemicals

  • Chemicals

  • Environment and Pollution Treatment

  • Manufacturing

  • Highways and Railways

  • Military Aviation

  • Defense Production and Equipment

  • Consultancy Services/Feasibility

  • Project Management

  • Engineering

  • Procurements

We have the experience and skilled and professional marketing staff those are capable of achieving business results up to entire satisfaction of overseas Principals as well administration.

Mahasa Pakistan can:

  • Define / recommend the type of equipment required for large and small projects.

  • Procure all types of equipment related to the telecommunication/commercial sector, economical and efficiently.

  • Coordinate all activities internationally and locally to successful completion of  projects, supplying all types of equipment anywhere, anytime.

  • Inspect machinery arrangements for quick transportation to ensure smooth transfer of goods from location to location. 

  • Logistically plan the effective completion of projects through familiarity of products and procedures.

  • Negotiate better deals on behalf of the principals to sell most suitable machinery / equipment / services / commodities.

  • Prepare feasibility studies and submit bids through familiarity of prevailing customs and conditions.

Also, we are in a position to play role in other vital fields of economic development of Pakistan such as:

Supply of defense equipment / including
Sale of Battle Field equipment and spares.
Sale or lease of new / used combat aircraft / helicopters and spares.
  Joint ventures in defense production
Civil aviation, including
  Sale or lease of new/used passenger aircrafts/ helicopters and spares
  Supply of machinery / equipment / services for construction of airports / air terminals / runways.
Ports and shipping, including
  Sale or lease of new / used passenger and cargo ships / oil tankers
  Sale or lease of new / used passenger and cargo ships / oil fertilizers terminals, and fish harbors.
Bulk supply / import of petroleum products
Supply of machinery, equipment and services for
  Laying of oil / gas pipelines
  Generation of hydel/ nuclear / solar power
  Motorways / railroads / bridges
  Supply of rolling stock / Railway engines
  Telecommunication Projects
  Housing Projects



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