Achievements :   

We started our journey back in 1994, now we are the exclusive representatives in Pakistan for a number of major Principals, Industrial and Commercial  organizations of world repute and of over 300   manufacturers / suppliers . This enables us to make a significant contribution to the development of Pakistan. Our overseas contacts and communication systems greatly assist in remaining informed and ready to convey to its valued clients and patrons the latest developments in technology and management techniques. We maintain close liaison with major overseas companies operating in Pakistan and with all government and autonomous bodies in order to serve the best interests of its customers and principals alike.

We offer comprehensive range of services from concept development through to plant startup. We provide an integrated services and trading business working across every boundary of commercial sectors from production through to transmission and distribution including power generation.

Apart from specializing in the telecommunication and energy sector, we are playing a progressive role in the development and expansions of the following sectors of national economy:

  • Power Generation

  • Petrochemicals 

  • Chemicals

  • Environment and Pollution Treatment

  • Manufacturing

  • Highways and Railroads

  • Telecommunications

  • Military Aviation

  • Defense Production and Equipments

  • Consulting Services / Feasibility

  • Project Management

  • Engineering

  • Procurement 

  • Stockist: Ericsson (AXE-10, MD110, STM1 Magzines etc)  

  • Alcatel (Switches and Equipment, cards, spares and cables)  

  • Nortel (Switches and Equipment, cards, spares and cables)  

  • Siemens (Switches and Equipment, cards, spares and cables)  

  • MICROWAVE INDOOR, OUTDOOR GSM NETWORK: Designing, Installations and commissioning

  • BATTERIES: All kinds of batteries, communication(hand-held radio), Military Tanks and Vehicular

We have the experience and contacts enabling us to have access to wide range of markets in addition to offering comprehensive packages prepared by our network of representatives and Principals around the world.



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